Delivery Guarantee: Although we take great care to ensure the accuracy of all information, we reserve the right to make corrections in case an error does occur. Please double-check all addresses for accuracy, as postal and delivery services do not forward packages. Please note that we only guarantee delivery to the addresses provided.

We make every effort to ship orders within 24 hours of receipt, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, unless same-day shipping is selected. For overnight delivery, orders must be received by 10 a.m. We hand-pack each order upon receipt to ensure maximum freshness. Large or custom orders may take longer than 24 hours to ship. Please note that we do not ship on weekends (Saturday or Sunday).


At Valley Pistachio Country Store, we understand that timely delivery of your order is of utmost importance. Therefore, we reserve the right to substitute an item in your gift basket with an item of equal or greater value, if necessary, to ensure that your order is delivered promptly.
During the summer months, we may need to replace some heat-sensitive ingredients, such as chocolates, with heartier selections to ensure that your gift basket arrives in pristine condition. In the event that we need to substitute an ingredient, we will always try to replace it with a similar item of equal or higher value to ensure that the quality of your gift basket remains uncompromised.

Heat Sensitive Products

We take the quality of our chocolates seriously and want to ensure that you receive them in the best condition possible. Due to the sensitivity of chocolate in warmer temperatures, we only ship chocolates between October and April. While the chocolates may be available on our website year-round, we strongly advise against ordering them outside of this time frame as we cannot guarantee that they will not melt during transit.

Please note that no refunds will be given for melted chocolates ordered outside of our recommended shipping season. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to providing you with delicious, high-quality chocolates during our shipping season